Lok Seva Trust

Various Services of the Organization

  • Information guide for the handicapped, the destitute, the widow, and the elder PEOPLE

The institute is tasked with delivering all the illiterate people of Kutch district to the illiterate and backward areas of the government.

In which the government offices and the beneficiaries are bridged and the service is completed. The service is provided in the society through the Security Office, District Research Center, GK Journal Hospital, Mental Health Hospital etc.

As well as the knowledge of the scheme, it is provided to the needy floors.

police aid
medical aid
  • sakhi one stop center

One Stop Center (OSC) are intended to support women affected by violence, in private and public spaces, within the family, community and at the workplace.

Women facing physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economics abuse, irrespective of age, class, caste, education status, marital status, race and culture will be facilitated with support and redressal.

Aggrieved women facing any kind of violence due to attempted sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence trafficking, honourrelated crimes, acid attacks or witch-hunting who have reached out or been referred to the OSC will be provided with specialized services.

  • 24/7 hour ambulance service
An ambulance received in collaboration with Human Joyot Trust, Mulund (Mumbai), is served from Bhuj, the headquarters of Kutch district. The ambulance has oxygen and AC service available. 8% of the patients of poor and middle class patients are provided by this institution at a discounted and free service.
The ambulance operates for 2 hours with a contact number of 9429818133.
  • Service to the handicapped helpline: Hours: - 24/7 9428033733
The helpline is run by the service institute’s minister, Jansari Hemendrabhai. Out of this number 29, special efforts are being made to reach out to the Kutch districts and the entire Gujarat with disabilities and other special guidance.
Information about the Government Vidith offices as well as understanding, information about that form is helpful through this helpline service.
Poor families in Kutch district as well as in general families, especially women are being exploited and people suffer from family problems. They are persecuted or otherwise harassed. And suffer from shamelessness in society. Free legal guidance is provided by ‘Sri Lok Seva Public Trust’ for protection against it.
Listening to people’s questions here is guided only in terms of service. Guidance is provided at the base of the settlement between the parties formed during the service. As well as legal help if needed. Usually people are delayed in going to policy or to court. They are being helped by this organization.
Blood donation service is provided by Bhuj in the district headquarters. The institute works with the aim of ensuring that blood is deposited in the blood bank in advance and that people do not have to be contacted for blood replacement in advance, in order to ensure that patients receive blood in an emergency with the help of Lifetime Blood.
In which the trust-donor-volunteers of the institute work with the public to be useful to those who have their blood clotted.
The prevalence of addiction is seen in the society today from an early age. In particular, addictions such as gutka, cigarettes, alcohol, opium, charas, marijuana, dada etc. are found to be extremely serious and addictive.
Thousands of people die every year due to addictions. Counseling is provided by ‘Shri Lok Seva Public Trust’ to prevent these addictions as well as treatment for co-operation between mental health hospital, Bhuj.
In addition, camps, propaganda, street plays, etc., to keep people away from such addictions, are done by the public as well as the people to get rid of addiction.
Knowing the environment is very important in the current situation. Shri Lok Seva Public Trust conducts various activities to maintain the environment. As well, the importance of explaining the value of biological diversity to the public is being conveyed to the people.
The organization has been working for the last six years in the National Environment Awareness Campaign under the leadership of Nehru Foundation for Development Trust-Ahmedabad.
Shri Lok Seva Public Trust ‘provides a helpful service for small and marginal farmers in consultation with the Narmada Water Conservation and Kalpsar Department of the Government for the construction of check dam incident for storage of rainwater.
Rainwater is stored in small and large river dams by enclosing check dams. And the purpose of this organization is to use the stored water in times of drought.
The ‘Sri Lok Seva Public Trust’ institute works in connection with all the activities under the Government’s National Health Machine(NHM).
In this program, the organization provides awareness to the people in villages, to organize awareness camps, plays, publicity, society, meetings to raise awareness among the people so as not to kill pregnant women and malnourished children.
This helpful service is provided in collaboration with District Panchayat, Chief District Health Officer, Health Branch.
The propagation of various health-related schemes of the Government is also carried out in remote areas through the institution. Special nutritional kits are prepared for the malnourished children and pregnant women by the institute.
  • Skill development training center
The ‘Sri Lok Seva Public Trust’ institute runs a free computer training center for the handicapped and poor children who have access to computer knowledge.
The center of these computer training classes works in collaboration with Human Flame Trust-Mulund (Mumbai) to ensure that all boys are not able to pay expensive fees at this time and are not deprived of computer knowledge. The Computer Training Center for the Backward Classes and Poor Family Children includes special widows’ children, handicapped children and destitute children, whose needs are constantly increasing in this age.
The government’s national program, ‘Pulse Polio Campaign’, runs a campaign to vaccinate children with polio vaccine for children aged 5 to 7 years. The ‘Shri Lok Seva Public Trust’ organization carries out the contribution of vehicles, volunteers, and staff in the operations under the health branch of the district.
The organization participates in the campaign every year and takes care of any child between the ages of 6 to 7 who is not polio-free. Attempts are being made to provide humanitarian services to the Government employees.
  • A service for mentally ill challenging person
The ‘Shri Lok Seva Public Trust’ institute treats people who are wandering across the road as a guardian in the center of Bhuj’s mental health hospital under the supervision, treatment, treatment and supervision. She pledges to be reunited with her family after treatment.
Under this function of the organization, human service strives to make the meaning of the same Prabhu Seva. In addition, the institute remains committed to the employment of those convicted after treatment.
One-month employment-oriented training programs have been organized in different talukas and rural levels of Kutch district from year 1.
Shri Lok Seva Public Trust institutes in these training programs are mainly benefited by persons with disabilities, BPL beneficiaries and beneficiaries of social as well as educationally backward classes. For this, the help of various government and non-governmental organizations is taken.
Prevention of begging activities for the development of children through the organization, information on abolition of child marriage, educational programs for children with disabilities, pulse polio programs, work for underprivileged children, summer camp skill development program, hostel etc. are undertaken.
Apart from this, employment oriented training programs for women, rehabilitation programs for different sisters, legal guidance to the sisters, guidance on the various schemes of the State Government of the sisters, training classes, etc. are done through the organization.